Mercedes-Benz Vans Insurance

Choose Mercedes-Benz insurance and rest assured that your vans are fully protected when on the road. There are two options to choose from, and you can find out more by clicking on the tabs below.

Van Insurance

This cover is the traditional option, insuring vans of up to 3.5 tonnes. As it is created by Mercedes-Benz, you can expect it to be a premium choice, covering an extensive list of potential problems. In fact, it even covers your tools if they are in the van, and includes accident recovery 24 hours a day.

GAP Insurance

This type of insurance covers you against the loss of value caused by an accident. If your vans are written off, this can pay the difference between the amount you are offered for the van in its post-accident state and the original price. When you choose this type of insurance, you can rest assured that you will be able to buy new vans should any of the ones you have purchased or leased be unusable.

Which one suits you?

Research both options by clicking on the tabs below to learn more. For our guidance, give us a call or visit your nearest dealership. Our team can guide you through the benefits and costs of each so you can make an informed decision.