Ex Demo Cars

Ex-demo are vehicles that we have carefully selected from our new car stock. We register these vehicles with the purpose of displaying the very best and popular models from the product range to display within our showrooms or make available for customer test drives. After 90 days these vehicles can be sold to customers who are looking for nearly new vehicles at significant discounts compared to a brand new vehicle.

The benefits of buying an ex-demonstrator are as follows:

• Due to the low levels of road demos some of our ex-demos have much lower mileage than other comparatively aged traditional used vehicles making these cars exceptional value.

• Our ex-demos are managed by our dealership site coordinators and as such are in very good or ‘as new’ physical condition meaning you could own a nearly new car for close to used car money.

• Prices are significantly discounted compared to a new vehicle but may be slightly more expensive than a similar used vehicle to reflect an excellent customer offer in terms of carefully selected model range, specification mileage and condition.